Posted Thu May 11 @ 11:59pm Eastern (3 months ago)
CSCI E-15 Dynamic Web Applications

Final course deliverables (A4 Submission, A4 Quiz, A4 Peer Review)

→ The A4 Submission deadline has just passed. If you have not submitted, you can submit late up until Mon May 15 @ 11:59pm EDT.

→ The A4 Quiz is now available in Canvas. Details below. Deadline: Thu May 18 @ 11:59pm EDT.

A4 Peer Review pairs have been assigned for all A4 Submissions that have been turned in. I'll continue to generate pairs daily as late submissions come in. Deadline: Thu May 18 @ 11:59pm EDT.

A4 Quiz

Relevant topics

Question logistics

The A4 Quiz has 10 questions, each worth 1 point, broken down as follows:

In Canvas you'll find an optional, ungraded Assignment 4 PRACTICE Quiz that includes examples of each of these question types.

Time limit

You will have 60 minutes to complete this quiz.

Compared to A3, there is less of a correlation between question type and time needed. Some multiple-choice questions may take longer than the open-ended question because they're more complex with more to parse.

Because of this, I am not providing a question-by-question time estimate as I did in A3. However, I will say this:

Misc. logistics


All of the tips shared before the Assignment 3 quiz also apply to this Assignment 4 quiz. Refer back to the A3 Quiz announcement for those tips.

Like the A3 quiz, I suggest making a reference sheet of important concepts before taking the quiz. This will help maximize your time during the quiz.

Example reference sheet topics:

  1. Location of common files (e.g., Migrations, Seeders, Models, Controllers, etc.).
  2. How to write a seeder and migration for a pivot table
  3. How to write a seeder and migration for a regular table
  4. How and in what order to run seeders
  5. How to write an Eloquent query to Create, Read, Update, and Delete data
  6. How to query on a Collection
  7. How to define relationship methods in Models
  8. How to create and use a custom Model method (e.g. getAuthorsForDropdown)
  9. Etc.

This is an example list; it is not exhaustive and each student is responsible for their own preparation.

And of course, don't forget to take the optional, ungraded Assignment 4 PRACTICE Quiz in Canvas.


If you have any questions about the above information, connect with me or your TA via Slack or Email.

I've enjoyed working with you all this semester, and wish you best of luck in your future courses and coding endeavors!