Posted Fri Mar 10 @ 7:40pm Eastern (5 months ago)
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A2 Submission + A2 Quiz grades released

Grades for Assignment 2 Submission and Quiz components have been completed and unmuted in Canvas.

A reminder that your A2 total grade is a factor of 3 components:

  1. Submission (33%)
  2. Quiz (33%)
  3. Peer Review (33%)

If you have not yet submitted your A2 Peer Review, you will not see a A2 total score in Canvas. This will change once your A2 Peer Review is submitted and scored.

The Assignment 2 Quiz scores were curved +1, with a max value of 10.

A review and analysis of the A2 quiz is presented at the start of Lecture 7.

Projected letter grade distribution for A2

Factoring in an estimated average of 9 points for pending-Peer Reviews.

Histogram: Projected letter grade distribution for A2