Posted Fri Mar 3 @ 3:30pm Eastern (5 months ago)
CSCI E-15 Dynamic Web Applications

A2 Quiz questions + new Piazza policy

There’s been some chatter regarding concerns about performance on the assignment 2 quiz. I have been grading these quizzes as they have come in each day, so I am aware of any trends going on with the scoring and will curve if necessary.

That being said, I know that a curve does not help with the initial discouragement that you might feel from missing a challenging question or feeling like you don’t have enough time to complete a question.

Moving forward, do know that it is my practice to carefully review all scores, and with 75 students, there’s plentiful data to know if something needs to be adjusted. In short, if there's a trend in performance on a given question, it will be addressed.

Tangental to this topic, If you have questions about course policies/logistics, quizzes, grading, or other related questions please contact me directly instead of posting in Piazza. There's been a handful of posts this semester that would more traditionally be addressed one-on-one with the professor, and I have concerns about the sharing of sensitive information globally. I also have concerns that important topics that need my attention will get inaccurate answers by students, or that they will “fall through the cracks” in the traffic of Piazza.

And so - moving forward, all posts in Piazza should be about assignment development, troubleshooting, curriculum, code, industry, etc. Non-curriculum related questions should be emailed (or Slack messaged) to me directly, not posted in Piazza. If you’re overwhelmed or concerned, reach out. We can discuss and strategize.

In the spirit of this focussed use of Piazza, I will no longer be posting course announcements there. Instead, course announcements will continue to be posted on the homepage and you will receive a direct email (like this one) when a new announcement is posted.