Posted Thu Feb 23 @ 12:00am Eastern (5 months ago)
CSCI E-15 Dynamic Web Applications

A2 Quiz released (Due Thu Mar 2 11:59pm Eastern)

With the Assignment 2 Submission deadline behind us, we can turn now to the Assignment 2 Quiz.

Available in Canvas as of tonight, Thu Feb 23 11:59pm Eastern. Due Thu Mar 2 11:59pm Eastern.

You have 7 days to complete this task, so you can take a breather if you were working hard up until the A2 submission deadline!

Note that in today's lecture videos, I review the Assignment 1 Quiz. It would be to your advantage to make sure you watch this before taking this Assignment 2 Quiz, as the insight might provide useful.

Other notes:

Finally, remember that Assignment quizzes (which only occur the week after an Assignment submission is due) are in addition to, not in place of, the weekly Lecture quizzes.